Apple Experiment

It’s that time of year for Fall fun and a great way to celebrate with students is to do an Apple experiment.

original apple cover

This Apple Experiment is a hands-on experiment with three different versions for all ability levels.  Best of all, it’s free!


The experiment has a page of instructions for teachers and includes a full-page poster for students to understand the concept of Oxidization and Chemical Acid-Based Reactions.  It’s a complicated subject made easy to understand for kids.


The students can make their way through the scientific method with one of the two above versions.

Some students need more assistance with this adapted version of the scientific method.  I would assist my non-verbal and limited verbal students through the pages as we were doing the experiment.


I also made pages to be able to visually compare the hypothesis and results.


At the end we always discuss what senses we used throughout the experiment.


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