Halloween Number Fun

Halloween mys pic cover

A fun way to practice numbers at this time of the year is with Mystery Pictures – Halloween Edition.  There are 8 different pictures to choose from and it’s also good for centers or for early finishers.

Each picture has a filled out 100 chart plus a copy of what the picture should look like when the child is finished coloring.  They can check their own work.  There’s also a blank 100 chart for kids to fill in themselves for a nice extra challenge.

For students who have more challenges such as autism, fine motor skills can be difficult so coloring in a little square can deter from the point of the activity.  I would print out and cut apart the colored version of the picture.  Once in a while I would cut the pictures into chunks or lines to start off with and concentrate on certain numbers in each chunk.  For instance I might cut them in columns and concentrate on the numbers 1-10.

I would put the individual pieces in a baggie with the puzzle number and child’s name.  My students with autism would take a few sessions to complete one puzzle.  When it was time to do the puzzle, I would hand a piece to the student and ask, “What is it?”  I might have to prompt to get the answer then the student could seek the number on the chart and glue it in place.  I was able to eventually not prompt at all for some kids and this became a great individual work task.  My students loved these puzzles!  What was the most amazing part was how quickly all of my students learned their numbers.  If you visit my store you’ll see lots of Mystery Puzzle sets and my students are the reason why.